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Here's a picture that was made before my cell phone broke. It's a fanfic cover for my next pony fanfic called " ComaTose". It's a depressing fanfic I have thought about for a very long time , but I didn't get to write it because of school going on. So im dedicating this picture to my IPhone 5s that broke on the 16th of this month. Hope you guys like it ^^

Original artwork…
Credit goes to: LadyAnaconda 
Twilight and Shining Armor belong to : Hasbro
Hey everyone! I have some terrible news that got to me... My cell phone broke and now it will now turn on. I'm a little worried I might not get my stuff back so for those who wanted me to send them their requests , you're gonna have to wait until my phone is fixed! Anyway , I'll post another update if it's fixed or not
Hey everyone! Sorry I wasn't on it's because I got sick yesterday. I don't know who got me sick , but I'm gonna get them if they confess to me that they did. Anyway I'm slowly recovering since the sickness start yesterday as I mentioned. So hop everyone is safe and doing well and I'll post another update when I'm better
Sweet I got tagged in one of these! I need to be honest with all of you guys, when this tag game first started floating around I just wasnt interested in participating despite getting tagged several times. Now I really wish I had joined in the fun considering how I have less and less time that I get to spend and share with the members of this community. Oh well Life goes on and it turns out that I get a second chance at this! YAY!  Thanks mlpfunfictionwriter  for making this happen! So without further adieu, here we go!

1) What's your favorite type of underwear? Cotton Boxer shorts and regular underwear for myself, there very soft and comfortable for relaxing on the weekend or going to bed. Not to mention those things stretch like no tomorrow! For girls, I'd have to say that anything that accentuates a women's booty like a thong or lacy lingerie is a step in the right direction but my favorite to see are full back panties with playful or creative prints or designs on them. 

2) How do you come up with OCs?  Not that anyone would know because I usually only sketch them including known characters from the show but when I'm sketching the character ,  I like to delve into the backstory a characters personality. Usually I never write a backstory for one of my created OC's until I have it all planned out.  likes/dislikes/strengths/weaknesses/ family/ past crimes or incidents that might have psychologically affected them one way or another/ how they were raised and how that would affect their morality and other such things. Really, it gets intense! And throughout that process Im usually listening to music that i want to fit the characters personality. Is he/she hardcore, shy, a joker, a player, ect... you get the point. Many times I base a characters thought processes off of people i know that impacted me and use that as a sort of guide for that character.

3) What do you like most about wedgie fanart? Honestly , I think it's pretty weird and strange for many people liking this sorta topic. When I look at various wedgie fanart made by me or others, there are a lot of factors that make me say yay or nay. The humiliation factor in terms of some sort of relationship (bully/nerd, rivals, bf/gf) is pretty important for me when sketching these images as well as the creativity as to how wedgies are given in the picture itself. You view enough of these wedgie fanart and sometimes you start to lose interest i guess. Thats why I like to stay fresh when I sketch my pictures and do different things.

4) Is there a certain fictional character that you'd like to see wedgied? I definitely have a soft spot for Big Mac and Shining Armor in the apple and sparkle family in the MLP FIM series. Especially since they are the ones who sent me spiraling down this crazy rabbit hole in the first place!

5) What is your favourite type of wedgie and why? The Atomic wedgie of course! Whats not to like about it? It gives a great view to ones assets and really multiplies that humiliation factor if you can pull it off. Sadly its quite difficult to pull off so my secondary go to is the Pile driver wedgie where you stick the victims head in between your legs. Its the perfect dirty move to utilize when you've challenged your lady friend to a humble wrestling match lol

6) What kind of wedgie fanart is better: a series or one-shots? I prefer one shots for their simplicity and because a series tends to sometimes lose interest from the audience over time if its not something that every ones into.

7) Do you prefer seeing wedgies in public or private? Good Question, both have their perks but I suppose both would be ok to me.

8) What do you like most about wedgie artwork? Style is nice but I always love seeing people trying new inventive ways of creating a wedgie in art media.

9) What's another fetish for you? Haha, I really had to think about this one! I actually cant say that I have another fetish aside from wedgies but  perhaps pantsing? I cant really say I know for sure!

10) What's your favourite kind of underwear? The stretchy and durable kind of course, for optimum wedgie capability!

11) What is the hardest part about writing wedgie stories/drawing wedgie artwork? The hardest part for me is the timing and how long it will take to actually complete a request picture of wedgie fanart to one of my requestors who request it to me.

12) What annoys you the most about wedgie fanart? Dont feel hurt or insulted if this is one of you guys when I say that its those extremely details I put into my fanart for my requestors. Its so short I feel like i get no satisfaction of sketching them because there over as suddenly as they begin. Also it wouldn't hurt to have more background in the story instead of jus thrusting the reder into the middle of a wedgie scene.

13) What's your favorite and least favorite things about the wedgie community? Cant say I have any qualms, this is a supportive and decently sized group. Sometimes I feel annoyed when someone makes a journal post that seems to invite opinions or comments about something but when i comment I dont get anything back. It really only bothers me if I put a decent amount of energy in creating the comment to the journal entry. I love how easy it is to make friends with people out here though if you can get outside your comfort zone and note them.

And now its my turn!

1) When did you first realize that you like wedgies?

2) If you had to choose any fictional character to get a wedgie from, who would it be?

3) What is your favorite type of underwear to wear or get wedgies in?

4) What is your favorite wedgie move and why? Have you used it IRL before?

5) What type of underwear do you like to see victims wearing when getting wedgies?

6) Are you more of a giver or receiver in terms of wedgies?

7) What interests you most when reading a wedgie story? What do you like least?

8) What do you like most about wedgies in general?

9) If you could go on a romantic date with any fictional character, who would you choose, and where would you go?

10) If you could give any fictional character a wedgie, who would you choose?

11) What other types of kinks do you have?

12) Whats your most memorable wedgie experience?

13) Your wish comes true and you have a chance to meet the character from Question 9. You both end up playing truth or dare for a while. What are some truths or dares that you would give them?


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Hi! welcome to my page . My page features traditional art of my favorties like Naruto , Creepypasta , & especially My Little Pony . Alot of people irl say they love my art , so i decided to sign up to this site & post my art on here to see what others think , & just to have fun and communicate with other artists . So i you have any requests , shoot me a message either in note or on my profile . Thanks for looking!


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